Championship Points

The table below shows “Only” the top 3 leaders by points by bracket ( if more then 3 due to equal points all will be shown) Select the Bracket Buttons below for full list in each bracket.

Only club members are eligible for season points trophies ( note all racers are shown in the tables)

Points are awarded as follows:

Round Robbin – 3 rounds only with an outright winner – 33 points for 1 win, 66 points 2 wins and 100 points for 3 wins

Round Robin – 3 rounds plus finals – 20 points per round win (3 rounds) then 20 points for runner up and 40 for the winner (note no points awarded for any semi finals if run)

Elimination round – points – winner-100, runner up-80,semi finals-60, ¼ finals-40, 1/8 finals -20

NameNumberBracketRound 1Round 2Total
Bruce McHendrie1352Modified100100200
Matthew Cockerill 1500Super Sedan10066166
Michael Jennings 1826Super Street10040140
Greg Oberti 5416Modified Bike10040140
Corey Pocock 3205Super Sedan40100140
James Utting 9107Street Challange6660126
Bryan Finn 5843Modified Bike4080120
Peter O’Connell 6142Modified4066106
Scott Barber 9123Street Challange1000100
George Varelias 7407Super Street6040100
Neville Herreen 4584Super Street0100100
Wayne Edwards 9300Modified Bike8020100
David Willis 2137Modified Bike0100100
Cooper Plummer 1321Junior Dragster336093
Sean McClelland 7396Super Sedan206686
John Maragozidis 9134Street Challange08080
Billy Kuhn 6640Junior Dragster08080
Mark Hubner 7214Modified80080
Cara Bertoli 3300Super Street80080
Kieley O’Connell 7042Super Street404080
Harry Harris 4057Super Street404080
Peter Gourzis 6256Super Street08080
Lachlan Walker 372Junior Dragster66066